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Working in Sales Jobs that Make Over $100,000

Sales jobs that pay over $100,000 are not plentiful, but they do exist. Basically all of these jobs will require a degree. Most require bachelor's degrees at the very least. A preferred field of study is business for the degree holder. Here are a few of the jobs that will pay $100,000 and up if you are looking for a sales job.

The Positions, Requirements and Salaries

Sales Consultants are one of the top paying positions when it comes to high paying career jobs. This position requires a bachelor's degree at the very least. In addition many companies prefer their sales consultants have experience. The responsibilities you will have when accepting this type of position are people skills. This is extremely important to starting and keeping a business.

The sales consultant will help to take care of the customers. The relationships that are fostered early on in this field will end up paying off. The average salary can be from $120,000 to $250,000 depending upon experience and expertise. This position also pays commissions that can be quite a boost to the amount made. They may range anywhere from $25,000 to over $3,000,000.

Software sales are another great position when it comes to sales jobs. Working in this type of sales job will require you to have a college degree and experience in business sales. The base requirement for most companies is five years in the business before they will hire you as a software sale professional.

Career jobs in this niche require you to sell to a variety of different clients. They may be distributors or trade show clients. The main concern is being able to communicate effectively and find the clients. This position can pay $100,000 or more yearly with an equal commission if the job is well done. Commissions can also be paid at $200,000 and over.

Let's not forget the medical device sales career jobs. This is a position that requires at least three years of experience in addition to a degree. The health care field is the area of expertise naturally looked at for a medical salesperson. Positions in this field may range to a three figure income with the right company, and keep in mind the commissions can be anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 and up.

This sales job requires the medical device sales person to interact with surgeons as well as those in nursing. They may have to conduct presentations to show the benefits of their products to clients. Reporting back to the company for which they work on the latest information in the market is another requirement.

How about a sales job as a digital sales manager? This is a position that ranges from $170,000 and up with commissions in the range of $130,000 to $220,000. The digital sales manager is required to possess a B.S. or a B.A. with related experience in digital sales.

They will be responsible for putting together digital advertising for their product. Selling campaigns and listening to what the customer needs in order to present proposals are part of the job description. Increasing the digital sales for their company by recruiting more customers are another part.

Do you think you could do a good job in the telecommunications field? A sales executive for career jobs in this field is one of the top paying positions in sales. The successful candidate in this field should have a bachelor's degree. About three or more years of experience is helpful and will be the minimum employers are looking for in sales jobs in the telecommunications field.

Salaries for this position range from $100,000 and up. The executive in telecommunications also makes commissions on sales, which can be as much as $100,000 to $200,000. The responsibilities of a telecommunications executive sales job will include the sales of products for their company to corporations. In addition, they will be making new sales and pulling in new customers as well as taking care of existing customers. This may include managing the sales for these customers.

When you are looking for the sales job that will pay the salary you want to make, you will need to look at these high-paying career jobs. These are some of the best paying jobs available today.
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