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100K Careers – Top 8 100K Careers

Finding the job that pays 100k and even more is not that complicated to achieve if you know where to find the right one. There are many 100K careers in different fields that are available at your grasp today. Even with the struggling economy there are still numerous established businesses and private companies that are hiring some proficient and professional individuals to become one of their groups of experts that could give an excellent service and provide quality customer care to their avid consumers. With determination and willingness to learn more about the specific jobs and to go on basic training will give you a job you longed for with no delay.

There are a lot of careers today that could accommodate any career availability for everyone to choose from. As the economy is trying to survive this sudden economic crisis, there are still a lot of prominent companies, establishments, and local and huge businesses that are hiring some qualified individuals and could earn 100K and even more. Depending on the career field chosen, salary will also differ with each expertise in a specialized area.

The following is a list of 100K jobs that are paying 100K or even more in different fields of specialized works:

1. Registered Physicians/ Surgeons – Doctors are the top most valuable people in the medical field that is why their work is so vital to the patients. Surgeons are one of the top paying jobs now because of the complexity of their work. As the latest technology engulfs the medical world of today, surgeons also use the latest technologies in doing operation like using robotic machines manned by an expert surgeon. The average salary of surgeons is amounting to $200,000 which they all deserved.

2. Anesthesiologists - as doctors or surgeons are the vital people on a certain level, the anesthesiologist also plays a main role and thus, making them one of the top earners that amounts to an average of $195,000 salary per year. The anesthesiologist is the one ensuring a pain free operation for those patients who will undergo operation. Their job is so crucial and would require efficiency and expertise.

3. Orthodontist – these experts and dental specialists deal with the alignment of the jaw and teeth. The average salary of an orthodontist is about $193,000 which they really do deserve because of the difficulty and the need for an expert in their job. Consequently people are referred to them for special treatment.

4. CEO’s – CEO’s or chief executive officers are professionals in charge of almost running the whole company. They have outstanding analytical skills about the various aspect of the company’s business. It is no wonder that they earn a staggering annual income of $165,000.

5. Psychiatrists – these members of the medical group are the ones who are helping individuals who are mentally or psychologically unstable because of stress and personal problems. They are earning an average salary of around $158,000 annually.

6. Pediatricians – these are doctor’s specializing in children’s care that earn a greater amount of income every year because of the great deal of specialization they are proficient in. It is no surprise that these medical professionals earn from $152,000- 155,300 annually.

7. Engineering Managers – these professionals earn as much as $125,000 annually because of their ability to intelligently engineer wonderful pieces of infrastructure and architecture from roads to bridges.

8. Obstetrician and Gynecologists – these are highly specialized doctors, who are experts in treating pregnant women and offering them healthcare services. Their average salary per annum is about $192,000.

It is difficult to get a 100K job primarily because there is a lot of competition and it is a difficult job that's why they are high paying. But, if you are willing to do what is necessary it is possible to get these jobs. You have to select a profession that is right for you and go to college to get a degree. You have to be willing to get an entry level job to get your foot in the door, to gain news skills, and experience you will need when applying for 100K careers. Rewrite your resume and keep polishing it because this is one of the keys to getting a 100K employment.

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