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Jobs That Pay Over 100k - Computers and Health Care Careers Still Rule

In today's economy, it is important to choose a career that can provide a comfortable income right from the beginning. With pension plans and health care benefits disappearing from the average compensation package, today's worker needs to reach six figure earnings early on. There are plenty of jobs offering these generous salaries with excellent projections for continued employment opportunities.

Choosing the right profession is more important today than ever. With proper research, it is relatively easy to enter a career path that fits your personality, is interesting, fulfilling, and brings in the earnings you desire. A safe bet is to direct your career goals towards a field in which a significant percentage of those practicing it are well-paid.

Doing the proper research in your field of interest will also help your chances of obtaining entry-level jobs that pay well. It can be very disheartening to have the education needed to begin your career, but having to send out resumes for six months once you are ready for employment. Some job openings, which are poised to explode in the next several years, will have you picking and choosing between employers.

Technical jobs have historically been associated with higher income levels, with or without a college education. The average yearly income for a senior web designer is just over 100k. If they do extra projects from home, it is possible to bring in an extra 20 - 30k on top of that. IT techs generally need a B.S. degree, but IT jobs are well worth the minimal education. This career path always ranks up there with the high paying jobs. Computer programmers, software developers, and software sales are also lucrative positions.

Sales jobs have always been the perfect high paying job for the ambitious, competitive type with excellent communication skills. If you don’t have a college degree, don’t worry. In the world of sales, product knowledge and a list of contacts can take you just as far as a traditional education. Sales jobs that pay 100k plus are attainable, especially in the financial and insurance sectors. Health and long-term care insurance are particularly profitable and the need for qualified sales representatives is expected to rise in the coming years. Multilingual representatives will have the advantage of a much larger customer base and should continue to be in demand, according to projections. Sales reps who have grown with the times and are taking advantage of internet marketing have the upper hand as well.

Another area of sales that is on the rise is online advertising sales and marketing account managers. With the increase of successful online businesses, advertising dollars are being taken from newspapers, television, and radio and being transferred to the web. Sales representatives in major markets like New York enjoy an average income of 150k or more. Secondary markets, such as Detroit or Atlanta pull in earnings of 120k to 130k annually.

Financial advisors are not just a luxury for the wealthy anymore. With more and more people having to prepare for and manage their own retirement savings, the need for financial planners is on the rise. Lawyers and accountants are joining the growing numbers of those entering this lucrative field. With earnings averaging 120k in the first year and the potential to earn well over 200k, this career path is quickly growing in popularity. It is definitely rewarding to help those without pensions to reach the financial goals needed for a comfortable retirement.

Most jobs that produce earnings over 100k do require putting the time in to earn a college degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, specialized jobs in the medical field will continue to be in demand, and opportunities to earn a six-figure income in medicine look promising. Of the top ten highest earning jobs in America, nine that made the list are in the medical field. The more specialized the position, the better chance to pull in over 100k per year. RN’s don’t generally make six figures, but add a masters degree in anesthesia to it, and this position earns as much as some medical doctors.

Pharmacy job opportunities abound, and with the continuous development of new medications coupled with our aging population, prescriptions being filled are expected to rise 27% in the next two years. Pharmacists are in such high demand that they are currently enjoying 100k salaries right after graduation and are usually able to choose from several job offers.

Also, top earners in the pharmaceutical field are medical science liaisons. This position is similar to pharmaceutical sales, but the MSL must have a science or a medical background. This allows the MSL to speak on behalf of the pharmaceutical company with the authoritative voice needed to satisfy the growing legal requirements these companies must satisfy. In their first year, medical science liaisons make an average income of 120k plus bonuses. After five years, this figure has the potential to increase to 140k.

The bottom line is to do the homework ahead of time. With all of the information readily available on salary projections and job availability, it is not difficult to plot out career and salary goals that are easily attainable. As with most things, proper planning is key.
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